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Oh Yeah Ice cream and Coffee Company is located at 232 S. Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA. This small eatery offers a large variety of ice cream flavors. They have organic dairy ice cream and also dairy free ice cream. You can also find local Pittsburgh ice cream from Dave and Andy’s ice cream. They have flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate, butter pecan, coffee, green tea, and more. There’s a huge blackboard filled with over 100 mix-ins you can choose from. Some items on the menu include: chocolate chip, peanut butter cups, ginger, habanero peppers, gummy bears, figs, M&M, wasabi peas, graham crackers, cereals. You can pick you own mix-ins and customize your own, or choose on of their recommended combinations. Behind the counter, there are these old fashion cast iron waffle makers. You can choose buttermilk or buckwheat Belgian waffles, available in half or whole sizes. They also serve coffee and other beverages.

The place can get pretty busy and crowded during the evening. The line to order might run out the door, but the line moves quite quickly. After they take your order, they will either bring your order to you or let you know when it’s ready. They have outdoor seating and indoor seating. The inside has a neat atmosphere. There’s tons of books on the shelves and fun decorations. The have free wifi available to customers. The password to connect to their wifi network is written on their menu cards.

I find it a little pricey for ice cream and waffles. It was about $7 for a half waffle with one scoop of ice cream. I do like their ice cream selections, but I think it’s about $5 for a half cup with two mix-ins. The service was lacking. It takes them a long time to make the waffles and if they’re busy, they might forget about your waffle. That happened the first time I was there. Luckily this time it was in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday and it was not as busy. I was sitting outside on one of the benches and the waitress brought the waffle out to me. Although I was maybe one of two customers at that time, my half waffle still took a while and it came out slightly burnt. Anyhow, I hurried to eat my ice cream and waffles before it melts in the scorching heat. Delectable!

Half buckwheat waffles topped with a scoop of dairy free green tea ice cream

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