NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2013 – April 20 & 21

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The first annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo will go down April 20 and 21 at East River State Park at 110 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn. Sample a large selection of hot sauce concoctions and enjoy live entertainment with music, eating challenges and even fire-breathers.

General admission is $11.34 and includes samplings, demos and access to all the entertainment.

Here’s the current hot sauce lineup:

  • High River Sauces (Long Island, NY)
  • Heartbreaking Dawns (Rosendale, NY)
  • Rippin’ Red Sauce Company (Abingdon, Maryland)
  • Evil Seed Sauce Company (Jacksonville, Florida)
  • Tom’s Roid-Rippin’ Hot Sauce (Stratford, Connecticut)
  • All Natural Bigfat’s Hot Sauce (Chicago, Illinois)
  • CaJohns Fiery Foods (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Jordan Brenner’s Hot-cha WAA-cha (New City, New York)
  • The Murph’s (Long Island, New York)
  • Dragon’s Blood Elixir Hot Sauce (Woodstock Valley, Connecticut)
  • Born to Hula (Highlands, New Jersey)
  • Torchbearer Sauces (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
  • Frankie V’s Kitchen (Dallas, Texas)
  • Belcastro’s (New York City)
  • PuckerButt Pepper Company (Fort Mills, South Carolina)
  • Rocky’s Original Hot Sauce (Oreland, Pennsylvania)
  • Deano’s Jalapenos (Hardwick, Vermont)
  • Tango Spice Company (Long Island, New York)
  • Pinata Hot Sauce (Brooklyn)
  • Race City Sauce Works (Charlotte)
  • Volcani Peppers (Omaha)
  • Defcon Sauces (Milburn, New Jersey)
  • Jacky’s Jams & Jellies (Pine Beach, New Jersey)
  • Bonfatto’s (Bellafonte, Pennsylvania)
  • The Chesterville Pepper Co. (Cincinnati)
  • Dirty Dick’s (Norwell, Massachusetts)
  • Mild to Wild (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
  • NW Elixirs (Portland)
  • Deception Salsa (Baltimore)
  • The Jerky Connection (Wrightsville, Pennsylviania)
  • Baron’s International Kitchen (West Hurley, NY)
  • David Rosengarten (New York City)
  • Saas Hot Sauce (Upper Montclair, New Jersey)
  • Guyank (Ozone Park)


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