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Num Pang is a small Cambodian sandwich shop near Union Square, that offers a selection of savory sandwiches, similar to the Vietnamese banh mi, but different. There’s a little storefront where you line up at the window to place your order. Upstairs, there’s a small seating area. They have classic sandwiches like pulled duroc pork, peppercorn catfish, and coconut tiger shrimp, along with a rotating selection seasonal special sandwiches like five-spice glazed pork belly and grilled spanish mackerel with leeks. There’s also some veggie friendly selections like the roasted cauliflower, spicy organic tofu, and the grilled portobello, that are accompanied with soymilk chili mayo. Sandwiches range from $7.50 to $9.00.

Here’s a peek at the sandwiches we tried – Pulled duroc pork with spiced honey and the Five spiced pork belly with pickled Asian pear. The baguette is made with semolina flour baguettes and the sandwiches come with chili mayo, pickled carrots, cilantro and cucumber.

Pulled duroc pork with spiced honey

Five spiced pork belly with pickled Asian pear

The sandwiches were quite tasty and the pork was very flavorful. However, the overall sandwich was too greasy for my liking. True, it was pulled pork and pork belly, but the baguette quickly soaked up the oil and the sandwich turned into a greasy mess after a few bites.

Their other sandwiches do sound great and I would still be interested to try them out. I’ll just have to pick something that would be less fatty, and hopefully easier to eat.

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