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Earlier this month, Joey Landford with The Tea Merchant presented his new tea travel tumbler concept at the Coffee and Tea Expo in NYC. The product is still under development, but they plan to launch a Kickstarter in May to raise funds for final tooling and production. The tumbler is pretty neat and would definitely interest tea and coffee drinkers, especially when you’re on the go.

The main concept behind this tumbler is to allow you to control the steeping process.

It works like a reverse tea press. Instead of pressing tea down allowing it to continually steep (and ruin the taste), it will pull the tea up inside the lid, outside of the water, stopping the steeping process.

The convenient design allows you to enjoy your tea or coffee on the go, without the need of removing the infuser or taking off the lid. Since you control the steeping process, there’s no over-steeped bitter tea or over-pressed coffee.

TheTeaMerchant Tumbler-Final

Interesting features include:

  • Two openings on the lid, one for drinking and one for pouring in liquid
  • Pac-man shaped infuser, which allows liquid to pass through the middle of the infuser when drinking so to not steep the tea further when you drink
  • Fine stainless steel mesh to hold loose leaf tea or even coffee grinds
  • Click in and pop up rod to pull and lock the infuser up inside the lid to stop steeping, or release the infuser back into the tumbler to steep further
  • Bottom compartment for storing extra tea, coffee, sugar, etc.

Here’s the latest prototype of the tumbler. Visit their website for more information on the tumbler and the Kickstarter. What are your thoughts?

TheTeaMerchant Easy-Steep-Travel-Tumbler-Render

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