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March 27th is National Paella Day! This dish, often known as a favorite in Spanish cuisine, originated in Valencia and features a variety of flavorful ingredients cooked with rice. There’s different varieties – seafood, meat, and vegetable. It’s a really nice and delicious one-pot dish.

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Here’s a recipe for seafood paella courtesy of 100 Montaditos in Greenwich Village. It’s not the easiest or simplest recipe, involves a number of recipes and careful steps, but it’ll sure impress your dinner guests. After all, it’s the multitude of ingredients that make this dish so flavorful. Don’t have time to prepare, stop by the restaurant and try it out there since they’ve just introduced paella in their new menu. They are located at 176 Bleecker St, New York. Here’s a recipe for a vegetable version too.

Seafood Paella
This recipe makes 4 servings. Prep time is about 25 minutes and cooking time is about 45 minutes.


  • 1 lb of Valencia Rice
  • 1/2 lb of cuttlefish or clean squid
  • 4 unpeeled Jumbo Shrimps
  • 8 Peeled Shrimps
  • 12 Mussels in shell
  • 4 Clams in shell
  • 4 cups hot seafood stock
  • 1 onion finely cut
  • 1 green pepper in chunks
  • Pinch saffron threads
  • 5 matured and diced tomatoes
  • 2 cloves of garlic finely chop
  • Parsley
  • 1/4 cups of White wine
  • Lemon
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt


  1. Add enough Olive oil to cover the bottom of the paella pan. Add the shrimps and the clams, this will add flavor to the oil. Remove the shrimps and clams from the stove and set them aside in a warm place.
  2. In the same oil still hot add the cuttlefish or squid in rings to reach a golden color.
  3. Remove them and set them aside apart from the shrimps and clams. Using the same oil sauté the onion, green pepper and garlic, leave them cooking together until the onion is translucent.
  4. Add the wine and reduce it for about 2 minutes.
  5. Put the cuttlefish or squid back in the paella pan and add the tomato and saffron, cook for approx. 2 minutes
  6. Add in the rice and cook for 2 more minutes
  7. Slowly pour the stock into the paella pan until ingredients are all covered. When the stock is boiling reorganize all the seafood around the paella pan and on top of the rice, starting with the peeled shrimps, mussels, clams and unpeeled jumbo shrimps.
  8. Simmer, cooking rice for about 20 minutes and add salt and pepper as needed
  9. When rice is cooked set it aside and cover with aluminum foil or large tea towel, allowing paella to cool for 5 – 10 minutes before serving
  10. Serve with lemon wedges and sprinkle some parsley on top

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