Naked Nutrition Bone Broth Powder Product Review

Naked Nutrition Bone Broth Powder Product Review

Naked Nutrition recently reached out to us to see if we’d like to try their Naked Bone Broth powder. We’re no strangers to bone broth, so we were happy to give it a try. Bone broth has been consumed for centuries for its nutritional benefits, sometimes as a digestive aid or something you’d drink when you’re feeling ill or have a cold. Bone broth is made by simmering the bones and connective tissue of animals – commonly beef, chicken or fish.This simmering process typically takes at least 10-12 hours to extract the nutrients from the bones. The bone broth contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, collagen/gelatin, and essential fatty acids that can help fight inflammation, support healthy digestion, and promote joint health. 

The Naked Bone Broth powder lets you get the benefits of bone broth without having to spend hours preparing the broth. Simply adding 2 scoops of the powder to a cup of hot liquid provides 20 grams of protein and all the accompanied benefits. 

I do like that their bone broth powder just has one ingredient – premium European beef bones. There’s no added fillers or extraneous ingredients. It’s non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. Because there’s no added ingredients, it can easily be used as a soup base or incorporated into recipes.

First, I tried it just is simply mixing it with hot water. I do recommend using a shaker bottle or a high speed blender to mix it up well. Once it’s well dissolved, it’s ready to be consumed. Since there’s no added flavors or seasonings, it really just taste with beef broth. For something more flavorful or easier to drink, I’d suggest adding it to a smoothie or protein shake, or cooking it in a soup or one of your meals.

Next, I added the bone broth powder to my morning oatmeal. I topped this savory oatmeal with a fried egg and some seaweed/nori strips. It came together very nicely.

I also tried incorporating the bone broth powder in my rice. I added a couple scoops into the rice cooker along with rice and water and mixed it up before I let it cook. It definitely added a nice, gentle beef flavor to the rice.

I like that since it’s only one ingredient, it’s very versatile and customizable. You can add it into recipes without worrying about any conflicting flavors or consistencies. I’m definitely excited to see how else I can use the bone broth powder.

Their bone broth powder retails for $39.99 for a 1 lb container which is about 20 servings. You can find it here.

Disclaimer: The products were provided for sampling by Naked Nutrition. No other compensation was made. The post was written by LookyTasty and all opinions expressed are solely mine.

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