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MyCityCuisine recently contacted me about their collaborative Wiki project and just wanted to share it with you. They are looking for contributors to help build this resource for travelers and others who are just simply curious about different cuisines.

About MyCityCuisine – A Traveler’s Guide to Local Cuisine:

“What should I order?”, an inevitable question faced by all travelers sitting in a restaurant, in a foreign country. MyCityCuisine is a project to create a free, reliable and up-to-date guide to the most original and tasty traditional foods from different countries of the world. MyCityCuisine is an open project, so we encourage everyone to contribute to it.

Here’s a preview of what you can find on the Wiki project. Pictured below (clockwise from top left): Yalanci dolma (Stuffed Vine Leaves), Raw Vegetable Crudites, Kolache, and Kumpir.

So if you or anyone you know are interested in contributing to this project, more information can be found here.

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