Morimoto Sashimi Tuna Pizza Recipe

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Here’s a recipe to make a Japanese-style Tuna Pizza, a signature plate of the Morimoto restaurants, founded by Iron Chef veteran Masaharu Morimoto.

In the video above, Morimoto NYC chef Douglas Kim, demonstrates how the dish is made. Most of the actual cooking is done with the grilling of the tortilla bread. The rest of the process is the careful preparation of the ingredients.

Below are the steps transcribed from the video.


  1. Grill a tortilla bread (6-7 inches in diameter)
  2. Cut thin slices of fresh tuna sashimi
  3. Place slices on top of grilled tortilla, covering entire pie
  4. Cut pie into 4 pieces (four servings)
  5. Add anchovy aioli
  6. Add tabasco
  7. Add 6 cherry tomatoes
  8. Add red onions
  9. Add slices of black olives
  10. Add slices of jalapeno over the cherry tomatoes
  11. Add micro cilantro
  12. Add olive oil and sea salt flakes


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