Mini Turkey-Spinach Burgers with Sweet Soy-Ginger Sauce

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Hors d’eurves and finger foods are always so much fun. These little appetizing bites are lots of fun to make, delightful to look at, and a pleasure to eat. It’s like packing all the delicious flavors into small portions and you get to use your hands! Not only are they great for social gathering and parties, they also make great snacks on any other day.

I thought about making a batch of mini burgers for fun. Not just sliders, which measures on average about 3 inches in diameter, but mini bite-size burgers, something closer to about 1.5 inches.

How do turkey-spinach burgers sound? I took a recipe for regular size turkey burgers and customized it to my liking. The meat mixture consisted of ground turkey breast and fresh baby spinach, and a little bit of chopped scallions for extra flavor. The mixture is flavored with a light soy-ginger blend. I threw in some chopped almonds to give it a slight crunch. Normally when I make burgers, I like to incorporate fluffy panko breadcrumbs into the patties. I like to use panko breadcrumbs because it’s much lighter than regular breadcrumbs and can add a really nice texture to the patties. Sometimes I would combine the panko breadcrumbs into the meat mixture prior to forming individual patties. Alternatively, I would form the patties first and then coat each patty with panko breadcrumbs to give them a crunchy exterior. I had to exclude the panko breadcrumbs this time, since I didn’t have any in my pantry at the moment. Although, I would recommend using panko breadcrumbs in the future.

So after I mixed up the turkey meat well, I proceeded to form the patties. First, I scooped a dollop of meat with a large spoon. Then, I rolled it into a meatball and lightly flattened it to give it a nice shape. I transferred each completed piece onto a sheet of parchment paper.

I debated between pan frying the patties over the stove or baking them in the oven. They would both take about the same time. I decided to bake them in the oven at 375 degree F until the meat reaches an internal temperature of 165 degree F. The baking time will slightly differ depending on the size of the turkey patties. It was about 15 minutes for me. Lasty, remove the turkey patties from the oven and serve it as desired.

To complete my mini turkey burgers, I made a small batch of tiny whole wheat burger buns. Aren’t they adorable? Insert a wooden toothpick or mini skewer and they would make a great party food.

The mini turkey-spinach burgers are great without the buns as well. They can be simply served with your choice of dipping sauce, such as this sweet gingery soy based dipping sauce. Delicious!

Recipe is available on the Trufflehead App.

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