Mazzone’s Italian Ice @ Lollapalooza

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Sometimes your appetite just gets totally destroyed by the hot, sticky weather. We’ve drank many cans of sweet tea. We already grabbed a smoothie. What about nice sweet, cold treat for dessert? – Italian Ice, it is!!

Over at Mazzone’s Italian Ice, they were offering a list of Italian ice, dessert crepes, and gelato, each for $5. The available Italian Ice flavors included Lemon, Mango, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry. There were Chocolate banana split and Nutella dessert crepes, as well as Chocolate and Hazelnut gelato.

I went with a cup of that Mango Italian Ice. The mango flavor was awesome! It wasn’t sugary sweet and it wasn’t watered down either. The sweetness and the mango taste was just right! It was very refreshing and scrumptious treat indeed. It was a great way to cool off before heading over to watch the final musical act for the night!

Mazzone’s Italian Ice is located at 5115 Clausen Ave in Western Springs, in the suburbs of Chicago.

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