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Home Recipes Making Caramel Apples at Home

Caramel apples have always been one of my favorite treats to eat during carnivals, fairs, and those types of things. Ever since that day I had my braces removed, I’ve been craving for some caramel covered apples. I’ve never made them myself, so I decided to give it a try.

First stop was the supermarket, to pick up all the goodies. Three simple ingredients did it all: Granny Smith apples, Caramel, and Peanuts.

At the supermarket, we debated between two options:
1. using packaged caramel wraps specially made for caramel apples, or
2. buying a plastic tub of caramel and melting it ourselves.

We decided to give the caramel wraps a try. Looking at the directions printed on the back of the package, the process seemed simple and easy. It had just enough wraps for 5 apples. It came with the wooden Popsicle sticks. Plus, cleanup would be a breeze!

At home…

First, we washed the apples with warm water to remove the wax coating.

Then, we crushed some peanuts using a spiky mallet on a wooden cutting board.

This is what the caramel wraps look like. It comes in circular shapes separated by layers of wax paper.

After drying the wax-free apples, we slowly peeled the caramel wrap over the apple. (This process actually gave us a small struggle. The wraps were sticky and hard to remove from the wax paper.)

According to the instructions printed on the package, the next step was to microwave the covered apple for about 30 seconds. This will melt the caramel wrap over the apple. We then dipped the caramel covered apple into a bowl of crushed peanuts.
The final product looked something like this.

Remarks: The caramel apples didn’t come out too bad in my opinion. However, I wouldn’t recommend using those prepared caramel wraps. The whole microwaving part of the procedure was a bit weird. It didn’t soften the caramel enough for the peanuts to be able to stick to it. Also, it cooked the apple a little bit.

Next time, I’m buying a tub of caramel and melting it at home. (or just buy it pre-made?)

It’s true when they say making caramel apples is a fun filled activity for people of all ages!

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