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Lately, I’ve been traveling quite a lot. Traveling means that you’ll probably not be cooking and will end up eating at quite a few restaurants. Whenever I go out to eat, I always liked taking photos of the dishes that I order. I think it has something to do with capturing the moment, before I rampage through the dish and chow it all down. (Actually, I find myself rarely able to finish the food that I order, portions are often too huge… but that’s besides the point here.)
Anyway, I ended up with a collection of photos of some good looking and great tasting food. What else to do with these photos, but to share it with people through an online food blog!!

In addition to postings about my adventures and visits to restaurants, I’ll also document my experiments in the kitchen. I like to eat, but I also like to cook. I’m not the best cook out there, but I love to learn and try new things. Every since moving out, I’ve made many attempts in the kitchen. Sometimes, I get recipes from a cookbook, the internet, or the back cover of some packaging. Other times, I get them from friends and family (who are awesome sources for recipes). Occasionally, when I feel an urge to be creative, I’d try to modify some dish, mess around with the recipe, and just improvise. The success rate has yet to be determined.

Stay tuned.

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