Lollapocalypse 2012: Epic Shelter at Epic Burger

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Lollapalooza Day two was off to an interesting start. We arrived just to be told to evacuate due to inclement weather.

Thousands and thousands of people roamed the streets trying to find shelter before the rain and winds hit. Luckily, we found food and shelter at a nearby Epic Burger… and so did many others.

This Chicago-based burger chain offers a simple menu of burgers, fruit smoothies and milkshakes. Choose from an all-natural beef burger, tasty turkey burger, all-natural chicken breast sandwich, or a very veggie portabella sandwich on a white or whole wheat bun. Add lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled or raw onions and Epic sauce, to your liking. Top it with a fried egg (hard or over easy), slice of bacon, and/or one of their all-natural Wisconsin cheeses. Every burger is cooked fresh to order.

Here’s the Portabella Sandwich on whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato and raw onions, topped with a fried egg.

The grilled portabella mushroom was gigantic, juicy and delicious. The addition of a fried egg enlightened the burger to another level. Eggs tend to do that for me.

Here’s the Portabella Sandwich, this time on a white bun with lettuce, tomato and grilled onions, Epic sauce and pickles on the side.

Also topped with a fried egg, of course. Along with some fresh cut fries too.

Lastly, here’s the Peanut butter milkshake, made with fat-free frozen yogurt and soy milk.

We lingered around Epic Burger as long as we could to avoid the rain. The restaurant grew crowded very quickly and employees started asking people to leave if they are not ordering or have already finished their meals. Strategically, we enjoyed our burgers slowly, savoring every bite, and chatted up with others while they dined as well.

We were happy to know to receive notice that Lollapalooza would resume in the evening with just as much energy and an updated schedule. Doors reopened at 6pm and attendees entered the park filled waving their wristbands with excitement.

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