Lollapalooza 2012: Chizakaya Offers Octopus Balls

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Chizakaya brings together Chicago and izakaya. An izakaya is a Japanese bar that also serves small plates and tapas-like dishes. Over at Lollapalooza’s Chow Town North, Chizakaya offered some of their Chicago-inspired Japanese pub dishes. On their menu was the JapaDog, a bacon-wrapped hot dog, Asian pork belly slider, tako-yaki, and sweet potato fries seasoned with brown sugar togarashi.

Tako-yaki, or as I refer to them octopus balls, are basically little balls of fried batter filled with octopus topped with delicious takoyaki sauce, dried bonito, dried seaweed flakes, pickled ginger, and green onion. It’s prepared with a cast-iron griddle with half-spherical molds, similar to an aebleskiver pan.

We picked up a plate of their tako-yaki which came with six pieces. Although they were a bit smaller than the tako-yaki I’m used to, they were surely delicious.

Chizakaya is located at 3056 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL. They offer a large variety of sakes, wines, beers, and cocktail beverages. There’s more Japanese bar food, such as yakitori/kushiyaki, as well as rice bowls and ramen dishes.

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