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Koval Distillery in Andersonville is offering half-off its whiskey workshops through Groupon. In a two-hour session, Koval Distillery will take you through the basics of whiskey distilling and how to appreciate the complexity and nuances of drinking whiskey.

In this comprehensive whiskey workshop, distillery ambassador Kristine Sherred goes beyond basic distinctions between rye and single malt to explain subtle variations of flavor. During the session, which runs a little over two hours, Kristine guides whiskey lovers through the spirit’s history, from traditional white rye to today’s high-rye bourbons, and presents both classic whiskeys and new-aged takes such as whiskeys distilled from millet, straight barley, and sorghum. Participants learn how to judge quality by discerning whether the distiller left in any tails—the bitter alcohol formed at the end of a distillation run.

Students will also learn how the production process can express different qualities in the grain, reviewing both traditional and modern distilling methods. The workshop includes up to 12 optional whiskey tastings, such as one of Koval’s white whiskeys or single-grain, single-barrel variations, and samples from craft distilleries from around the country. Workshops are held by reservation.

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