Ever Wondered How To Make Kimchi And Banchan?

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Beginning next Friday through the end of October, The Korea Society is offering a Kimchi Making Workshop! The workshop consists of four sessions, meeting every Friday evening from 6 to 8pm. The cost is $250 (or $200 for members) and includes all instructional fees and materials. Here are the details.

Korean Cuisine Workshop: The Art of Kimchi
Learn to make cabbage, radish, cucumber and white cabbage Kimchi during this four session hands-on workshop at The Korea Society. Korean Chef Haelin Lee also demonstrates how to prepare various types of banchan, or side dishes, to accompany Kimchi at any Korean meal. Haelin Lee, a student of Master Jungyoung Sun, is a dynamic, young and accomplished traditional Korean chef, catering to clientele in New York and New Jersey.

Workshop Schedule:
October 7 Cabbage Kimchi- Kimchi pancake
October 14 Radish Kimchi – Kimbap with radish Kimchi and squid
October 21 Cucumber Kimchi- Kimchee bibimbap
October 28 White cabbage Kimchi- Kimchi jjigae

For more information or to register, visit here.

About the Instructor
Accomplished Korean traditional chef Haelin Lee learned the art of traditional Korean cooking in the Blue House as an assistant to Master Chef Jungyoung Sun, where she aided with meal preparations for the President of South Korea and his guests. Princess Julia Lee, the daughter-in-law of Prince Yeong of the Empire (the last Korean Prince of the early 20th century) mentored Mrs. Lee on traditional Korean food presentation and taste based on personal accounts of traditional cuisine in Naksunjae Palace.

For the past five years, Mrs. Lee’s private catering business has provided homemade Korean food to a growing clientele. Her goal is to introduce the complex flavors of Korean food to those unfamiliar with the cuisine. She is prepares high-quality dishes with a strong attention to detail.

In September of 2011, Mrs. Lee is scheduled to display her work at the Lee Younghee Museum in New York City. The exhibition will showcase traditional beauty, color, and shape of traditional Korean food.

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