Katherine Anne Confections Shop Opens in Logan Square

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Katherine Anne Confections opens Saturday, Sept. 22 at 2745 West Armitage in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Katherine Anne Duncan’s business of locally sourced chocolate truffles, caramels and marshmallows has been around since 2006, but she will now have a storefront to add to her presence online and in Whole Foods and select retailers.

“It’s taken us 6 years. 6 trying yet tasty years, but here we are in our very own shop,” Katherine Anne Duncan says. “With walls we painted and stenciled. Ceiling panels and tabletops we created, sanded, stained, and assembled. Vintage silverware and old-fashioned creamers and sugar bowls that we collected. And above all, a plethora of sweet treats that we have designed and perfected over the years.”

Check out the menu here.

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