Jake Shields: UFC 129 Fighter Is Also A Vegetarian

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This past Saturday, I went over to the Blind Pig bar to watch UFC 129. When you think about an MMA fighter’s diet, what comes to mind is probably lots of high protein foods to build muscles and strength – like chicken and red meat.

Interestingly, I found out that the title match challenger Jake Shields is a vegetarian and also a friend of PETA. Last year, he was awarded the “Most Animal-Friendly Athlete” in the 5th Annual Libby Awards competition sponsored by peta2.

Check out his interview with peta2, where he talks about his vegetarian diet and being (then) a Strikeforce MMA champion. Shields grew up never eating meat and he’s in good shape and just as strong as any other meat-eater.

More recently, he shared a sample of his vegetarian diet while preparing for UFC 129 and he sure eats a lot.

Saturday was a great lineup of fights and was quite an event to watch. And even though he lost the match that evening, he is still one tough fighter!

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