It has been five days since my last…

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… cup of coffee.
… slab of bacon.
… slice of cake.

I always looks forward to the tasty treats and delectable dishes at holiday family gatherings. However, this time I won’t be able to feast as much as I would love to.

Beet and Carrot soup

I have been having stomach/digestion issues lately and it was getting worse this past month. I would feel extremely bloated and have stomach discomfort after each meal. I would experience a lot of pressure in the stomach and pain in the ribcage area. After my meals, I get the urge to vomit, but never actually do. I would regurgitate the food a bit. Eating certain foods would make the discomfort even worse. I was aware of lactose-intolerance, but I’ve been able to tolerate small amounts of dairy in the past. However, it started to feel like almost any food would trigger these reactions. I would feel very full after just a couple bites of food. I found myself unable to eat and extremely tired throughout the day.

My doctor suggested that I go see a gastroenterologist (GI) doctor. From my visit, the GI doctor said that it sounds like I might be developing food sensitivities or it might be irritable bowel syndrome (ibs). We then scheduled an abdominal sonogram and an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy for further diagnosis. Meanwhile he prescribed me some acid reducers to help with eating discomfort. He suggested that I keep track of what foods I’ve been eating and try to avoid ones that might be troublesome. First food to avoid would be dairy and also products that might contain dairy but are not that obvious.

On Tuesday, I went in for an abdominal sonogram, which takes images of the internal organs of the abdomen, including the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys. On Wednesday, I went in for an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, which allows the doctor to look at the interior lining of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum, the first part of the small intestine. I was sedated during the procedure. The endoscope is fed down the throat. The doctor examined the interior lining and performed a biopsy.

The doctor will go over the full test results at my next visit. From what upper gi endoscopy so far, he identified that I have mild inflammation in the stomach. More details would be available next week, but for now, he told me to avoid spicy, sour, acidic, oily, and fatty foods, and no caffeine and alcohol, as well.

I have been eating in and preparing most of my meals at home. That way, I’m more aware of what goes into my foods. I’ve also been eating much smaller meals and eating very, very slowly. The bloating and fullness feelings are still there. I still occasionally regurgitate my foods, but the stomach pains are not as bad. I’ve also eliminated certain foods from my diet and tried to eat more simple foods. The acid reducer medicine is helpful as well. I hope it’s nothing serious and I get better soon. I miss my foods.

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