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Tomorrow, March 25th is International Waffle Day. Time to eat waffles!! Belgian waffles! Liege waffles! Scandinavian waffles! Hong Kong style waffles! Sweet waffles! Savory waffles! Gourmet waffles! Chicken and Waffles! Waffle sandwich! I’m so excited!!!!

A little about International Waffle Day
International Waffle Day originated in Sweden where it is known as Vaffeldagen (The Waffle Day). It is also known as Varfrudagen, or Feast of the Annunciation, which is nine months to the day before Christmas when Mary is visited by the angel and told that she is pregnant. Over time, it also became the celebration for the beginning of spring…. and everyone ate waffles?

On a side note: There’s also a National Waffle Day which is on August 24th. This waffle day celebrates the anniversary of the first US patent for a waffle iron.

Celebrate by whipping up a nice batch of your favorite waffles or go eat a nice delicious waffle, any variety you like! Oh, don’t forget about the toppings too! bananas! strawberries! chocolate! nutella! nuts! maple syrup! How do you like your waffles?

Have a great yummy waffle day tomorrow!

For my New York City readers:
Like food trucks? Want free waffles?
Wear something yellow and stop by Wafels and Dinges tomorrow.

Links to a few waffle recipes:

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