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Beer and tea might sound like two disjoint items to some, but a brilliant combination to others. And if you think about it, the concept doesn’t really sound too foreign.


At the Coffee and Tea Festival NYC, Capital Teas were promoting their concept of infusing beer (or wine) with tea. They first launched their beer-enhancing tea sachets for Oktoberfest in 2012 and the product have catcher on quite well since then. The tea sachets make the beer sweeter and creamier. They also infuses nicely in wines, creating something similar to sangria. They offer 10 flavors to choose from.


How to use: Simply place one tea sachet in your glass, fill it with beer, and let it cold brew for at least five minutes. If you’re drinking out of the bottle or can, you may just place the tea sachet directly in.

I sampled a couple of their infusions at the festival and found them to be delightful. It would make a pleasant and refreshing beverage especially in the Spring and Summer. There’s so many kinds of pairings to try and everyone can probably find at least one that appeals to them (given that they drink alcoholic beverages.)

Here are some suggested pairings of beer plus tea enhancers:

  • Stella Artois (or other lager) + Cream Earl Grey Black
  • Corona + Genmaicha
  • Bud Light + Organic Monk’s Blend
  • Miller Light + Royal Wedding Tea
  • Blue Moon + Cherry Blossom Rose Organic
  • Heineken + Provence Rooibos Organic
  • Red Stripe + Invigorating Mint Mate

Also, if you’re curious to try them out, they offer a sampler set which includes 6-packs of the following beer enhancers: Cherry Blossom Rose Organic, Cream Earl Grey Black, Genmaicha, Harbor Breeze, and Invigorating Mint Mate.

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