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Although my weekend was pretty busy, I did manage to put aside some time for ice cream making! I received a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker as a gift several months ago (Thanks!). Since it was the winter back then, I decided to save it for spring/summer time. The first day of summer is about a week away, so I figured it would be a good time to get familiar with ice cream making.

I took the ice cream maker out of the box and washed it with some warm soapy water, being careful not to scratch the freezer bowl. Next, I placed the freezer bowl into the freezer overnight. The ice cream maker came with a small booklet with instructions and recipes for ice creams, yogurts, gelati and sherbets. However, being lactose-intolerant, I browsed the internet to find a good recipe for an ice cream base which used tofu and soy instead of milk and heavy cream. Once I have that, I can experiment with different flavors.

For my first attempt, I decided to make some green tea soy ice cream. Recipe and pictures coming soon.

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