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I Spy Cotton Candy Grapes

I came across cotton candy grapes at Whole Foods Market today and was very intrigued. The store team member asked me if I wanted to try some and offered me a few grapes. I said, sure! The grapes are pretty large and plump in shape. They were really sweet and juicy, and wow, they really taste like cotton candy! The grapes come from Grapery, a California-based producer of grapes. Their grapes are all non-gmo and all natural. The cotton candy grapes are seasonal, only available late summer, August through September. Once they are gone, you’ll have to wait until next year. So if you see them in stores, check them out!


The question I’m sure everyone has is, (I sure did), is how does cotton candy grapes get their cotton candy flavor? Here’s an excerpt from Grapery’s FAQ:
“We achieved the astonishing flavor using all-natural breeding practices. We breed for flavor, continuously experimenting, trying out a wide range of cross-pollination combinations. Frankly, we were stunned when we discovered a new grape that tasted like cotton candy. But, rest assured, it was accomplished by completely natural means. We didn’t apply any “cotton candy flavoring” or plant any sort of flavoring materials into the soil to attain the cotton candy flavor. It was the result of a lot of hard work, innovation and, okay, a bit of good.”

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