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Hydroponic Systems For Home Gardening

Ever think about growing your own herbs and vegetables at home? If you don’t have an outdoor yard, have limited space in your balcony or windowsill, or simply want to avoid the mess of dealing with soil, you can take a look into hydroponic gardening instead. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without the use of soil. There’s many hydroponic gardening systems available in the market. You can also build one yourself. There’s lots of DIY tutorials out there. Meanwhile, here’s two systems that I’ve come across.

Sage Living Wall makes vertical hydroponic gardening systems for homes. They offer a wall mounted herb garden. It measures 10″ by 10″ and can hold 12 individual herb plants. The system consists of a wooden frame and a cartridge made of a mineral fiber called rock wool. The rock wool serves as the growing medium instead of soil. Looking at the instructions, it seems very easy to use. The cartridge is removed, watered, and then placed back in the frame. It works best between 65-76 degree F and 60% relative humidity. Simply place it in a spot at home that gets moderate to direct light. Takes up little space. You can just hang it on the wall and pick the herbs right off it when they are ready.

If you have a little more space in your home, you can invest in a Tower Garden. The Tower Garden is an aeroponic vertical garden for growing vegetables and fruits. Aeroponics doesn’t involve a growing medium but instead uses an air/mist environment. The Tower Garden stands 5 feet tall and can fit up to 20 plants.

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