How to Make Asia Dog’s Mash Hot Dog

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Asia Dog is known for their simple yet clever hot dog creations. In this Smorgaburg Munchies Moments video, Stephen Porto shows you how to make their Mash Hot Dog. What makes the Mash Hot Dog so fun? It’s got crushed potato chips and is topped with jalapeno mustard and a sweet and spicy ketchup mixture. Here’s the recipe.


  • Jalapeño mustard
  • 1 hotdog
  • 1 split top hot dog bun
  • Crushed salt and pepper potato chips
  • Sweet and spicy ketchup


  1. Make the jalapeno mustard by mixing together finely chopped pickled jalapenos with mustard.
  2. Cook the hotdog on a griddle or frying pan. Toast the bun. Top with mustard, crushed potato chips and ketchup mixed with sriracha.

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