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Whether you’re making a cup of delicious hot chocolate or creating a decadent chocolate dessert, finding quality cacao powder to use is definitely an important thing to consider. After all, you’d like your end product to be as distinctive and enjoyable as possible. The key thing is high quality, natural chocolate that’s easy to handle, bakes well, and tastes great.

Earlier this year, Ghirardelli introduced their new line of hot cocoa and baking products. They included hot chocolate mixes, unsweetened and sweetened baking chocolates, and dark chocolate and milk chocolate melting wafers. I’ve sampled, experimented and shared some their products, and they work out quite well. Their premium hot cocoa powders are rich and decadent. Since they are already sweetened, I found that they mix well with a light unsweetened almond milk. I really enjoy their unsweetened 100% cocoa power. It’s non-alkalized, no added sugar, and you can taste the intense roasted flavor. Since it’s unsweetened and simple, I find it to be so versatile, whether I’m making pancakes, baking cookies, or scooping it into warm milk. Their melting wafers are also really neat. They melt very easily (can even use a microwave) and the end product is a smooth, easy to handle, chocolate.


Here are some pictures are from a media tasting event held at the Specialty Food Association in New York City a few months ago, where Ghirardelli showcased the new line of hot cocoa and baking products. At the event, they also shared many tips and recipe ideas for incorporating these products into snacks, desserts, and drinks.




The melting wafers can be used to make chocolate dessert cups, with the help of some mini water balloons. First melt about 2 cups of the wafers and let it cool slightly. Inflate 8 balloons, tie a knot, and dip them into the melted chocolate. Place the balloons in the freezer for about 5 minutes. Melt about another 2 cups of chocolate and repeat the dipping procedure. Place them in the freezer for another 10 minutes. Afterwards, just pop the balloon and peel it away from the chocolate and you’ll get dessert cups. Fill them with ice cream, sorbet, fresh fruit, or anything else you desire. Lastly, their premium hot cocoa powder includes mocha, double chocolate and chocolate caramel. They’re great to enjoy warm as a rich hot beverage or as an iced cocktail. Cheers!



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