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How exciting! I’m going to be on a boat! I’ve been busy, working hard, so that I can take some time off for relaxing fun and exploration the Caribbeans this week. It’s going to be my first time on a large cruise boat, so I’m definitely thrilled. I’m actually not too sure of the details of the cruise adventure, but we’ll be making a few stops in the Caribbeans and among one of the destinations will be Haiti! So, even though I’ll be missing some fun events in NYC, like NY Comic Con and the Food Film Festival, I can’t really complain. I foresee lots of fun activities, great weather, beautiful scenery, and of course, lots of tasty food! I will be disconnected from email and internet for a week, so that will be an interesting experience on its own as well. It’s going to so much fun! My first cruise experience! Will definitely be taking many pictures!

Alright, time to get ready to head to the airport. Flying to Florida first and then hopping onto this huge cruise boat! Have a great weekend!

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