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The Mid-Autumn Festival takes place on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Lunar Calendar and this year is falls on Monday September 12th. Mid-Autumn Festival usually means a large bright full moon, family gatherings, pomelos, and mooncakes! There’s so many different kinds of mooncakes and regional varieties. Traditional ones are baked with either a brownish chewy crust or a flaky crust, and are often filled with lotus seed paste and one or two salty egg yolk centers. There’s also snowyskin mooncakes that feature a soft chewy crust commonly made with glutinous rice flour, that are not baked, and served chilled instead. Contemporary mooncakes adds a twist by introducing exciting flavors and unusual fillings, like green tea, pandan, taro, lychee and even durian.

Every year, you’ll find some of the most innovative and trendy takes on the traditional mooncake. I wouldn’t consider myself a huge mooncake person, but it’s always a thrill to see the kinds of creative mooncakes available out there, especially the ones trending in Asia. Here’s a list of interesting mooncakes I can only enjoy through my laptop screen.

Angry Birds Mooncakes
Maxim’s, the Hong Kong-based chain bakery, released a special Angry Birds edition of mooncakes. There’s a traditional one, which has a lotus bean paste and egg yolk center, as well as a snowyskin variety with flavors like chocolate and mango with pomelo. MIC gadget dissects the Angry Birds mooncakes.

Dessert Mooncakes at Starbucks
In Malaysia, you can find mooncakes next to your coffee at your local Starbucks. They offer Cantonese-style, baked mooncakes with coffee flavors like caramel macchiato and hazelnut latte, along with flavors like green tea chocolate and tiramisu. Check out KampungboyCitygal for a look at these Starbucks mooncakes.

Ice Cream Mooncakes at Haagen-Dazs
I think Haagen-Daz might have been one of the first to create ice cream mooncakes. This year, they released four flavors: chocolate & vanilla, cookies & cream, strawberry, and coffee & macadamia nut, and features a mango sorbet center in place of the traditional egg yolk. Clever! Check out the pictures at LifeStyleAsia.com and Haagen-Dazs Singapore’s facebook page.

More interesting mooncakes:

  • That’s Mag puts the spotlight on some magnificent mooncakes they found in Shanghai. They mention of vegetarian Suzhou-style mooncakes in flavors like, fruits and nuts, seaweed, black sesame, and rose. They also came across Cantonese-style mooncakes with unusual fillings like truffle bacon, red wine, and cranberry.
  • Asia Tatler Dining shares their top five picks for mooncakes in Hong Kong, one of which is a lobster and garoupa (fish) mooncake. Lobster mooncake, that’s just wow!
  • LifestyleAsia.com shares their lists of best traditional mooncakes and snowskin moon cakes found in Singapore.


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