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Happy Holidays from LookyTasty.com! Hope everyone has a festive and wonderful holidays! Enjoy delicious foods, great company, and fun times with your family and friends!

Here is a recent project I did for my friends over at Ah-Lo.tv. Apple-shaped Ah-Lo.tv gingerbread cookies! If you like funny sketch videos, definitely go check them out!

I picked up a couple of cookie cutters. They are so neat.

Look at all those gingerbread men.

It was my first attempt at piping icing on cookies too. I definitely found it a bit tougher than I imagined, but still lots of fun!

Too bad these cookies didn’t ship very well. They were a bit of a wreck by the time it arrived over there in Chicago. Hope the peeps at Ah-Lo.tv found them amusing nonetheless. Happy Holidays!

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