Half Acre, Perennial Artisan Ales collaborate for ‘Two Tugs’

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Half Acre will release a collaborative brew with Perennial Artisan Ales this Friday, Nov. 30. “Two Tugs” will be available in 22 oz. bottle ($8.99), 64 oz. growler ($15) and 32 oz. growler ($8).

We recently invited Phil Wymore, former Half Acre brewer and current mastermind behind Perennial Artisan Ales out of St. Louis, to the brewery for a collaborative brew sesh. The outcome is Two Tugs, a brawny 8% brown ale that unites two corners of Illinois. The aroma presents elements of molasses, toffee, and dark cherry, adds elements of licorice, hazelnut and chocolate to the taste, and finishes strong and warm with stone fruit on top of more sweet chocolate. Related to Thunder & Son in style and spirit, but more of a smaller cousin than a twin brother.

Half Acre Brewery is located at 4257 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. Perennial Artisan Ales is located at 8125 Michigan Avenue in St. Louis.

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