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Before Lollapalooza, I did a quick search on the menus being offered at Chow Town. Three words caught my attention… Lobster… Corn… Dog! That just sounds amazing. Just imagine… a lobster sausage, covered in a cornmeal batter, served on a stick. Just like a corn dog but with tasty lobster meat! I instantly put that on my list of things to do during Lollapalooza – stop by Graham Elliot at Chow Town South and grab a lobster corn dog!

Here is the Lobster Corn Dog! It cost me $9 and it was worth every penny!

I quickly snapped a few photos and took a huge bite into the lobster corn dog. Wow, it was so tasty! I was amazed at how much lobster meat there was and how cornmeal batter was quite thin. The cornmeal batter was sweet and light. The lobster sausage was delicious!

Graham Elliot Bowles was the culinary director of this year’s Lollapalooza. He became a four star chef at the age of 27. In 2004, he was named best new chef by Food and Wine magazine. He is the owner of Graham Elliot, located at 217 W Huron St in Chicago. He also has a restaurant, Grahamwich, which will be opening soon at 615 N State St. Next time if I’m in town and I have money to splurge, I just might have to go check them out. If I come across a dining special, that would be even better. Too bad I hear that the lobster corn dog is served at the restaurant. I have to say… that lobster corn dog was quite something. I’ve never had a corn dog this awesome!

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