Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

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I met up with a couple friends of mine at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market this past Sunday April 10th. We were excited to check out the return of the Gourmet Food Truck Bazaar, for its first appearance for this Spring season. The trucks will return every second Sunday each month, now through October.

The Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market is located on 39th St between 9th and 10th Ave. It’s open 9am to 5pm every Saturday and Sunday all year long and features over 70 vendors selling antiques, vintage fashion, and other goods. This past Sunday also featured the works of The NewNew, a group of independent Etsy artists.

The Food Truck Bazaar ran from 11am to 5pm. There were five food trucks present, Kimchi Taco Truck, Rickshaw Dumpling Truck, Cinnamon Snail, Schnitzel & Things, Kelvin Slush Truck, and a stand set up by Luke’s Lobster.
Since there were three of us, we decided to disperse ourselves among the trucks and reunite to share the foods we picked up. One of us stood in line for Schnitzel & Things, the other waited at the Kimchi Taco Truck, and I walked over to the Cinnamon Snail.

I remembered the Cinnamon Snail from the Vegetarian Food Festival the other week. It was the vegan organic food truck parked outside the festival, serving up delicious looking sandwiches and pastries. I recall hearing really good things about their Lemongrass 5 spice seitan sandwich at the festival, and this was my chance to try it out here.

Lemongrass 5 spice seitan sandwich
With curried cashews, greens, and wasabi mayonnaise on a grilled baguette (Originally comes with Szechuan chili sauce, but I had asked them to exclude it.)

Oh wow! This sandwich was amazing. I’m a really big fan. It was a bit greasy at first, but after blotting it with some napkins, it was definitely to my liking. The seitan was very flavorful. I’ve always enjoyed the taste (and smell) of lemongrass, especially since it’s quite commonly used in Vietnamese food. (Lemongrass makes great tea too!) Kale is always good. The curried cashew was tasty and added a delightful crunch to it. The baguette was nice and crispy, as well. Overall, an awesome sandwich for $8.

From Schnitzel & Things, my friend picked up one of their schnitzel platters, which also comes with two choices of sides. Funny thing, none of us actually knew what a schnitzel was exactly. We soon discovered that it’s like a fried cutlet… a tasty, crispy cutlet.

Here’s the description provided on their website:

Schnitzel is a hand pounded, lightly breaded thin cutlet fried to golden perfection. It is traditionally served with a lemon wedge and a side of Austrian potato salad. Our varieties of schnitzel include chicken, pork and cod and all are made fresh to order.

Pork schnitzel platter
With choice of two sides: chickpea salad and braised sauerkraut

The platter was quite large. There was a big piece of pork schnitzel along with generous portions of the chickpeas and sauerkraut. The schnitzel was served with two lemon wedges. It was thin and crispy, and nicely seasoned. Not too tough. The chickpeas were soft. The braised sauerkraut was a little sweet. They both had a light flavor which made quite a nice accompaniment to the fried pork. The platter was $10.

Unfortunately, there was no luck at the Kimchi Taco Truck. By the time we had waited on line, placed our orders, and picked up our food from the Schnitzel truck and the Vegan truck, our other third was still waiting in line. In fact, still a long way to the truck.

He decided to hop out of the line and fulfill our hunger first. We stood by the sidewalk, munching away on the schnitzel and vegan sandwich. While we sampled each others’ selections, he contemplated what he would like to order. The vegan sandwich made quite an impression and so we headed back to the Cinnamon Snail truck to order another tasty, vegan dish! By that time, the line was way shorter too.

Korean barbeque seitan
Served open faced on a grilled tortilla, slathered with chili butter, kimchi and greens

Another tasty dish! It was nice and spicy. This plate also contained seitan and kale, but with a spicy, barbeque flavor instead. This large filled tortilla was $8.

We were interested in the Kelvin Slush Truck. Their unique slush flavors like Tangy Citrus, Spicy Ginger, and Green and Black Tea definitely caught our eyes. After you decide on a slush flavor, you get to pick your choice of fruit puree to mix in, too. It’ll make a wonderful treat on those hot sunny days! Sunday was still a bit too cool for me.

Rickshaw Dumpling offered a selection of their steamed dumplings, but I wasn’t too excited about it. Even though they advertise their fresh and organic ingredients, $6 for 6 pieces is too steep in my opinion. There’s better options elsewhere in the city that’s a fraction of the price.

Luke’s Lobster was serving up their Maine-styled lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls. I’ve had their lobster rolls before, and they are fresh and tasty. However, the portions are relatively small and, simply put, seafood is expensive.

Overall, it was a fun afternoon at the flea market. There was a good crowd. The lines for the most part wasn’t too bad, except for the Kimchi Taco Truck. That line was insane. Even when it was getting close to 5pm, the line was still pretty long.

I definitely look forward to trying out The Kimchi Taco Truck some time. Their menu looks delicious! We’ll have to either hunt them down or come back to the market next time, but show up early to avoid the line!

See you next time!

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