‘Hamburger America’ Mobile App Guides You to Recommended Burger Joints

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A “Hamburger America” mobile app as well as a second edition of the George Motz book has recently been released to coincide with Hamburger Month and LookyTasty.com has learned that an official launch has been set for Friday, May 20, 2011 at 8pm to 9pm at the Apple Store on West 14th Street in New York City.

“Hamburger America” is a guide to 150 of the best burger joints in America, according to Motz.

Author Motz will appear in person for a book reading, an app demonstration and to show clips from his 2006 documentary film of the same name. Also, he’s promising to invite people in attendance to a secret burger party at an undisclosed location.

Here’s the lowdown on the new app:

As soon as George began his travels to research the greatest hamburgers of America, friends, family and industry folk alike began to text message him constantly with notes like, “In Austin…Where find burger?”. Motz would graciously respond with info from his burger brain file cabinet and direct people to the place closest to them. It was when he started receiving multiple requests a day, that the idea for the Hamburger America Mobile App was born. The app leads users to the best George Motz-approved burgers around the country.

Every burger joint in the app has officially been tasted and approved by Motz, who has included detailed information in every listing…such as exactly how to order the burger, what to drink with it or all kinds of insider information about even the most out-of-the-way joints. Unlike other food-related mobile apps, Hamburger America Mobile is expert-sourced. The information comes directly from America’s hamburger expert, rather than crowd-sourced throwaways. It’s not simply a bucket of reviews by random people. It’s insight from the guy who’s eaten over 10,000 burgers!

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