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Photo courtesy of Found

Today is Election Day and it’s also the grand opening of Found restaurant on 1631 Chicago Avenue in Evanston. The kitchen is owned by Amy Morton (Mirador/Blue Room) and led by executive chef Nicole Pederson (Lula Cafe/C-House).

In July, Morton explained to Chicago Magazine the vibe of the restaurant:

“Gertrude Stein salon of 1920s Paris meets Jack Kerouac in a beatnik bar. We want to tell a story like you are walking into [a] home. You are in the lounge, the salon, the parlor. All very unconventional-type restaurant seating. We found fabulous pieces that really bookend that period from the twenties through the fifties. We want each space to feel intimate and unique. The lounge area will have a chalkboard ceiling. The thoughts, the conversations they evoke, people will be having some of those great conversations here. We will board up the front for construction and encourage others to write their favorite quotes on the front of the restaurant, and hopefully use some of those that we discover on the ceiling.”

Found, which also considers itself a “social house,” works with Connections for the Homeless and Inspiration Corporation to fill entry-level positions.

What’s there to eat? Here’s the menu.

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