Flan, Part I

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Flan (also known as caramel custard or creme caramel) is one of my favorite Spanish desserts. Earlier last week I came across a recipe for this savory and super tasty treat in a newspaper. I was very excited and was looking forward to making flan for the very first time. It’s been such a buzy week, but I finally had the chance to spend some time in the kitchen and give it a try. After a quick run to the local Price Chopper, I laid out all the ingredients and started to prepare this flan at about 10:12pm. As of 12:30am, it is sitting in my refrigerator getting chilled.

More to come:
1. Post the recipe I clipped out of the newspaper
2. Post the pictures taken of my struggle to make delicious flan
3. Remove the flan from the refrigerator and feed them to my testers
4. Listen to what my testers have to say

To be continued…

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