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Before the Feast of the Brave taco truck came to an end, I was hoping to try all the available items on their menu. I’ve sampled the veal brain tacos and the cricket tacos, and now all that was remaining was the cow tongue and the ostrich – the least adventurous items on the menu in my opinion, but still interesting to eat. Cow tongue is nothing new to me, but I’ve never had it in a taco and was curious to how they would prepare it. On the other hand, I’ve never had ostrich meat before and was definitely curious about it.

I found the truck parked at 47th and Park Ave, and I ordered the cow tongue taco. The boiled cow tongue was diced into small pieces, topped with chopped cilantro leaves and a tiny spoonful of salsa. It was alright. The cow tongue was pretty bland, but had a fun chewy texture and the salsa was tasty. On a related note, braised cow tongue is yummy.

Later the week, I came across the truck on Bowery while on my way to Forks Over Knives. Ostrich meat taco it was! Although, it didn’t hit my mind until later that I had made an interesting choice of food right before attending a screening for a pro-vegetarian movie.

The ostrich taco had tiny diced pieces of grilled ostrich meat, topped with a salsa and chopped cilantro leaves. The corn tortilla was, unfortunately, cold and stale this time, so it threw off the whole feel of the taco. I’d have to try ostrich meat again, for real next time. Grilled ostrich meat still sounds very appealing to me.

Although I didn’t really think it was much of a “feast of the brave”, it was neat to sample these not-so-common tacos. I think my favorite was probably the cricket taco, since it was most fun to eat and flavorful too. Next time I see interesting tacos on the menu, I definitely won’t hesitate to try.

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