Father’s Day Dessert Specials At Maison Kaysers

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Father’s Day is a week away and the French cafe Maison Kayser is adding two delectable pastries to their menu for you to enjoy.

First, there’s the Baba au Rhum Cake.
A spongy like yeast cake soaked in Bacardi rum and light syrup, and topped with vanilla whipped cream and brown crumble.

Next, there’s the Bacarat.
A silky and light dessert made of a tangy orange mousse with a dark chocolate cream filling and placed on a chocolate financier with orange glazing and topped off with a Maison Kayser chocolate logo.

2013_May06_MaisonKayser_Baba au rhom2013_May06_MaisonKayser_Bacarat

These pastries will be available starting Wednesday, June 12th. The Bacarat is only offerred until June 16th, while the Baba au Rhum will still be featured throughout the summer. Maison Kayser is located at 1294 3rd Ave near 74th St in the Upper East Side.

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