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There’s your typical snack machine stocked with potato chips, granola bars, sweets, cookies, and other prepackaged foods. There’s even an ATM machine for freshly baked cupcakes. Well, now there’s a health conscious vending machine that dispenses fresh salads and wholesome snacks. It’s called Farmer’s Fridge and can be found in Chicago. It’s a really neat concept and convenient for the healthy eater on the go.

The vending machine is very user friendly, with touch screens, accepts all major credit cards, and emails the receipt. The ingredients and nutrition information for the dispensed products are readily available. On the menu, there’s a variety of salads that come in jars. There’s proteins in a jar: chicken, tuna, tofu, or salmon. There’s greek yogurt with berries, veggies and dip, pasta salad, cauliflower fried rice, and other snacks.


Here’s how it works. They receive fresh produce every morning and everything is prepared from scratch daily at their local kitchen. They deliver the salads to the machine at 10 am. After 6 pm, salads are discounted by $1. Any unsold salads are removed daily and donated to a local food pantry.

Here’s where you can found the Farmer’s Fridge in Chicago:
7-Eleven’s at 600 N. McClurg, Chicago, IL
The Shops at North Bridge 520 North Michigan Avenue
Garvey Food Court 201 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL

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