Fairway Market Introduces New Line of Tamales and Empanadas

Home Food Fairway Market Introduces New Line of Tamales and Empanadas

Sometimes when I’m in short on time, I would pick up some prepared foods from the grocery store. I would check out their freshly made food items and hot/cold buffets and see if anything catches my eye. Recently, Fairway Market launched a new Latin Table line and now offers home style tamales and empanadas in all their stores in the tri-state area.


There’s three types of tamales – beef, chicken, and black bean. They’re made with masa, a corn meal dough, then wrapped in a cornhusk and steamed. There’s also three types of empanadas – Argentine-spiced beef, spicy chicken and spinach-Portobello mushroom. These stuffed empanadas are baked in a wheat-based pastry shell. The tamales and empanadas are available pre-cooked, made with fresh ingredients and come with chipotle dip and avocado-tomatillo sauce. They come in packs for $4.99. Sounds pretty good. Looking forward to trying them out.

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