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Just a short walk from Hester Street Fairwas the Festival of Ideas’ StreetFest. After eating lunch at the street fair, we head over to StreetFest to check out the art and technology projects, demonstrations, exhibits, tours, food vendors, and more. There was so much going on and all so entertaining.

In addition to the pictures, here’s a few highlights.

There were lots of kids crowded around Café Habana and Habana Works. At one table, kids were learning to make Corn Husk Dolls using discarded corn husks. One the other side of the tent, there was a Human Powered Bike Blender. People gathered to watch as a volunteer peddled the bike and operated the blender. Minutes later, there was fresh fruit smoothies for everyone to enjoy!

There was a cool mobile hearth serving up artisan bread. This was the thesis project of a Cooper Union Architecture student. The hearth features a tricycle with a wood burning stove. Pretty neat!

I’ve never been to the Brooklyn Flea, so I was excited to check out the food vendors from the Brooklyn Flea even though I was already full. Occupying one end of Rivington Street was the Brooklyn Brew Shop, Choncho’s Tacos, Hot Blondie’s Bakery, Milk Truck, People’s Pops, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Rick’s Picks, and Thirstea. The lobster rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound looked delectable. I watched as Choncho’s Tacos prepared their menu of flavorful tacos. People’s Pops made shaved ice treats from a huge block of ice. Rick’s Picks sold classic pickles on a stick too. I will have to make a trip to the Brooklyn Flea some weekend this summer, definitely.

We sampled beverages from Brooklyn Soda Works. I’m not much of a soda or carbonated juice drinker, but the black pepper plum and cardamon soda from Brooklyn Soda Works was quite an interesting and innovative beverage. I like! The apple and ginger was delightful too. Other food offerings at StreetFest included fermented tea from Kombucha Brooklyn, scones and sandwiches from SCRATCHbread, baked goods and flatbreads from Hot Bread Kitchen, Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi, and sweets from Sweetery NYC mobile bakeshop.

Before leaving StreetFest, I took a quick tour of the Bowery Mission. Growing up in NYC, I used to volunteer there on weekends back in Junior High School. So, it was definitely kind of neat to explore the place over a decade later. After telling us about the Bowery Mission and showing us the around the building, the guide took us to the roof to check out the early stages of their rooftop farming project. There’s only a little bit there, but they plan on developing a vegetable garden up there. The view up there is quite neat as well.

It was a fun Saturday and the weather was nice for some outdoor exploration in the Lower East Side!

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