Executive Chef Ce Bain Hosts Cooking Classes at Roka Akor Steak & Sushi

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Chicago’s Roka Akor Steak & Sushi, 456 N. Clark, is offering interactive cooking classes by Executive Chef Ce Bian. Guests will learn how to recreate Roka Akor’s delicious Signature Cocktail. Chef Ce Bian will share the special ingredients he uses for Roka Akor dishes, as well as special techniques for robata grilling, fish cleaning and cutting, and for making maki and sushi on your own.
Enjoy sake paired with all of the foods you’ll learn to prepare, such as Shishito Peppers, Robata Grilled Pork Belly with Marinated Beet Roots, Spicy Tuna Roll, Ribeye with Wafu Dressing, Grilled Scallops with Yuzu Mayo & Wasabi Seasoning, and Brussels Sprouts.

Roka Akor Steak & Sushi, 456 N. Clark
Third Saturday of the month October 20, November 17, and December 15, from 2pm to 4:30pm
$75.00/person. Call 312.477.7652 to sign up!

Born in China and raised in London, Chef Ce Bian is no stranger to the kitchen. Spending much of his youth in his family-owned restaurant, Ce Bian learned the ins and outs of restaurants at a young age. What started as jobs to help pay for his education from Wales University, eventually turned into his dream career.

Ce Bian’s culinary background is worldly and extensive. His first job was working under Chef John Torode of Smiths of Smithfield in London’s meat market. He continued to broaden his knowledge of European cuisine in the years to follow. In 2002, Ce Bian met Chef Colin Clague, opening chef of Zuma. It was this partnership that paved the way to his love for Japanese cuisine. Ce Bian spent the following eight years in London working with chefs such as Nic Watt and Yoshi Muranaka while opening restaurants for the Rainer Becker. Although Ce Bian considered London his second home, he eventually left to become a supporting team member for Roka Akor in Scottsdale, Arizona and helped continue to elevate the sushi and robata grill technique, and currently works at Executive Group Chef at Roka Akor Chicago.

When describing his perfect meal, Ce Bian simply states “A perfect meal has to be tasty and fresh and most importantly, made with feeling. Flavor is just as important. After you finish a meal, the flavor should stay in your memory. . .”

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