Ever wonder what’s really in a McDonald’s McRib?

Home Posts Ever wonder what’s really in a McDonald’s McRib?

The topic’s probably come up before – the mysteries of McDonald’s food items. What are the real ingredients? and how are the food items really prepared? McDonald’s launched a “Our Food. Your Questions.” campaign to try encourage a discussion about their menu.

In this video, the hosts investigates what’s really in a McDonald’s McRib.

They’ve also posted some frequently asked questions regarding their menu. Like, are the eggs in the breakfast sandwiches real? What’s in a chicken nugget? Is there pink slime? Do McDonald’s buns contain the same chemicals used to make yoga mats? It’s nice to see them present some transparency regards to their menu. That way, people know what they are really eating.

Curious to find out more. Ask your questions on their Facebook page or send them a tweet.

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