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Elizabeth Restaurant is getting out of the communal dining experience. The restaurant announced today that it will switch over to serving customers in separate tables. Additionally, it will get rid of its three separate menus and focus on one.

Here’s the official statement:

One menu. Separate tables.

Elizabeth’s summer menu will mark the evolution of our food and space. We are fine tuning Elizabeth to create a more dignified dining experience. Our dining times, casual ambiance, and prices will remain consistent, but we are seperating our tables and reverting to one menu. The separation of tables will give guests a more singular experience. We believe one menu will reflect are best ideas and expressions, while still focusing on farmed and gathered ingredients.

The menu will change with each season, sometimes transitioning from one season to the next as new ingredients become available and others disappear, very similiarly to our current set-up. You will find nearly as much variation as you have with our three separate tasting menus.

All tickets purchased for July 11th and after will be in accordance with this change. This means the menu is the same for all dining times. This also means all parties will dine at their own table. There will be no communal seating.

We look forward to having you.

Visit www.elizabeth-restaurant.com for tickets.

Visit our blog to take a peak at the summer menu.

Hop online and grab the tickets while they last. The ticket prices on our website for July 11th and after are for this menu.

OUR WEBSITE WILL OFFICIALLY REFLECT THIS CHANGE ON JULY 1st. Give us a call if you have any questions. Office hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm.

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