Elizabeth Restaurant: Tickets Now on Sale

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Tickets are now sale for Elizabeth Restaurant in Chicago, opening on Sept. 19 at 4835 N. Western Ave. (Unit D) in the Lincoln Square neighborhood.

Elizabeth becomes one of four restaurants in the country using a ticketing system developed for Next restaurant. The idea behind ticketing instead of reservations is to avoid no-shows, allowing the establishment to estimate amount of patrons to prepare for.

Prices range from $65-$95 for 8-10 courses, $125-$155 for 12-15 courses and $175-$205 for 20-25 courses.

Elizabeth is chef Iliana Regan’s first restaurant after cooking the past two-and-a-half years at an underground restaurant operated out of her apartment. To learn more,  check out Chicago Reader’s excellent feature recently on Regan and Elizabeth Restaurant.

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