Durian Wine. Dare To Try?

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durianwineThe durian, aka the “King of Fruits,” is a large and heavy, mean looking fruit from Southeast Asia, known for its strong pungent smell and spiky thorn exterior. Some people love it, while others are repelled and disgusted by the smell. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the durian. It’s so tasty and the smell is pleasant to me.

A recent article on Reuters reported that scientists in Singapore are working on durian wine. The process involves scooping out the pulpy flesh, blending it with water, and fermenting it, resulting in a clear wine with 6% alcohol. The scientists mention that after the fermentation process, the pungent smell is reduced, and the end product might encourage to give it a try. While it’s still in the works, if durian wine came into production, would you try it? I would!

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