Dough Enhancers: Facts and Best Practices for Improved Baking

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A lot of people use dough enhancers when they are baking bread. A dough conditioner can improve the crust, taste, and texture of bread. It can also serve as a preservative so that your bread stays fresher longer. It is completely safe to add enhancers when you are baking, and it is considered natural. In fact, many everyday ingredients work as dough enhancers. The following are some of the most common enhancers to use and ways to improve your baking.

Non-Diastatic Malt

Non-diastractic malt is amazing for yeast. It will help your bread have a better structure and allow it to be softer and tender. This ingredient is made from sprouted barley, and it is available in a granular or liquid form. It is recommended to use one-quarter teaspoon with each cup of flour.

Dry Acid Whey

This is like buttermilk but it does not have the milk solids. When it is added to your bread mixture, it will rise quicker. The ingredient also serves as a preservative that fights against mold and bacterial growth. Try using one tablespoon per cup of flour to experience the best results.


For moister bread, try using pectin. This dough enhancer also replaces the fat in the bread. It is available in liquid or granular forms; however, most people prefer the granules because they are easier to store. When you are mixing this into your dough, use one teaspoon per loaf.


Ginger can boost your yeast. It will help quick start it and keep it working. When you use it in your dough, it will keep your bread fresher and eliminate the likelihood of mold or bacteria. You only need to use one quarter of a teaspoon, so you won’t taste what you use.


If you are concerned with the taste of your bread, then you might want to add fats. In addition, fats can help with the texture and add moisture. Typically, bread is low in fat because only one to two tablespoons is added for the entire loaf.


If you need to improve the color of your bread, then you might want to add some ages. They will also help with the taste and texture of your bread. One egg should equal one-fourth a cup of the liquid in your recipe. This way you won’t overdo the liquid.

Dough enhancers can be found online at places like shop.honeyville. With these dough enhancers and suggestions, you can create amazing bread from your own kitchen. Sometimes it is a matter of trial and error; so, do not be afraid to try a few of these options.

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