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I heard about Dim Sum Go Go many times before. They received much raves from TimeOut NY, New York Magazine, and other news media. Dim Sum Go Go is located on 5 East Broadway, New York, NY. I have walked by and peeked inside in the past, but I was hesitant to enter in fear that it might be a tourist trap. When I look inside, I do see a good mix of people and it is often pretty packed. Dim Sum Go Go was a collaboration between a French-American food writer and a Hong Kong chef. They serve dim sum all day long, along with other Chinese dishes and vegetarian dishes.

It was late in the afternoon and we were walking around Chinatown. We decided to enter Dim Sum Go Go and try out their food. The restaurant was pretty empty during that time. There were maybe two other parties dining there during that hour. The restaurant is modern looking with simple decor. It kind of looks like a diner. They don’t offer the usual dim sum cart service. Instead, there’s a dim sum menu list on your table and you check off the dishes you like.

Here’s a few of the dishes we ordered:

Roast pork buns

Chicken feet with black bean sauce

Spare ribs with black bean sauce

The food was decent. It wasn’t horrible but not spectacular either. The portions were smaller than they usually are at other restaurants. The dim sum plates were a dollar extra during dinner hours, after 4 pm.

In my opinion, I was pretty disappointed. I don’t get what all that rave was about. The dim sum was expensive and just mediocre. The service was just ok as well. It’s not as hectic as restaurants with cart service. Having the dim sum checklist can be nice. It eliminates the need to scout for the cart that’s carrying your favorite dim sum. Honestly, I wouldn’t return to Dim Sum Go Go and I wouldn’t recommend it to friends either. There are so many better options for delicious inexpensive dim sum nearby in Chinatown. Dim Sum Go Go is definitely more of a tourist spot or for someone who is unfamiliar with dim sum. Dim Sum Go Go offers dim sum all day long but note the small text: it’s good if your expectations are not too high and you don’t mind the price.

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