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I heard about a restaurant chain called Dick’s Last Resort. Apparently, the theme of the restaurant is to be the restaurant with the worst service and outrageous wait staff. Hence the “last resort”. They have multiple locations in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio, Myrtle Beach, San Diego, and Las Vegas. Since I’m closest to Boston, I definitely plan on making a trip there and have a dining experience at that location.

The energetic waiters and waitress behave rudely and spontaneous, in a comedic way, towards the customers. It’s all for fun. In turn, the customers can talk back and yell at the wait staff. It sounds pretty fun.
I searched the internet to gather some info on this restaurant. Some people hate it because the service is so terrible. But then again, what can you expect, it’s their theme. Some people get intimated by the wait staff, because they were unaware of the restaurant’s theme or are just too shy. Others have a great time screaming and laughing.
They also offer live music and did I mention there’s a bar? I would definitely recommend going there, if you dare. I have no insight about the food, but looking at their menu, it seems pretty typical restaurant/bar food. I wouldn’t expect too much of the food. I think it’s mostly the atmosphere that counts.

To give you a better idea, here’s an except from their website:

Dick’s Last Resort: An Imperfect Place in a Perfect World

From Rug-rats to Old Farts, from High-Class to No-Class, from the Top of the Food Chain, to the Bottom of the Barrel, it’s FUN FOR ALL AND ALL IN FUN FOR THOSE WHO DARE TO ENTER! Sit back and watch, or join in the fun. Dick’s has always been known for its outrageous, surly, energetic waitstaff who inflict humor upon our guests. Our atmosphere makes everyone feel like they’re temporarily breaking all the rules…and getting away with it. We have live music every night featuring questionable bands playing classic rock and there’s never a cover charge. If you’ve got any talent, git up on stage and sing with the band. Dance anywhere ya want – except… don’t shake ya booty on top of our fine tables and chairs. They’ve lasted 20 yrs, and we’ll use ‘em for 20 more if we can. You may end up wearing a 2ft tall paper hat complete with a humorous slogan, or doused in a sea of napkins. There’s never a dull moment in this 3-ring circus which is exactly how we earned our infamous reputation.

Places with Good Food Are A Dime A Dozen

No white tablecloths here…this is a down and dirty joint! Dick’s has gone back to the basics (basic caveman). We make our food from scratch and it’s served up in big stainless steel buckets… Big Sloppy Ribs, Juicy Honey-Roasted Chicken, Succulent Crab Legs, and generous servings of Fried Catfish… which call for the use of one’s fingers rather than silverware. Don’t worry, the servers will tie on a plastic bib to alleviate any fears from possible spills… nothing puts a stop to the protection of egotism and snobbery like a big, silly bib! Guests are pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of our food and wide menu choices. Come and check it out for yourself!

I plan on visiting Boston sometime and trying out this restaurant. I’ll share my visit when that time comes. But for now, you can read some reviews from

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