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Recently, I was walking aimlessly around the Shoppes of Georgetown area in Washington DC. There’s this big road that’s full of restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, and other shopping attractions.

Then, something caught my eye. I saw a wooden sign propped up on the sidewalk. On the wooden sign, there were the words “Crepes” and “Bubble tea“, along with a solid painted blue arrow. The word “Crepes” totally stole my attention since I love crepes. I was also very curious about how French crepes and Taiwanese bubble tea came to meet. Without hesitation, I decided to walk in the direction of the arrow in search of these goodies.

Snap is a little tiny cafe located at 1062 Thomas Jefferson St NW. The menu is very simple. There’s sweet crepes, warm crepes, vegetarian crepes, etc. Then there’s fruit bubble teas and milk bubbles teas, along with fruit smoothies. There’s a couple of tables inside and more outdoor seatings in the back of the cafe.

I decided to order it to go. I ordered a warm Mediterranean crepe and a Taro milk bubble tea. I watched them make the crepes in their little tiny kitchen as I waited. I saw many customers stop by to pick up bubble teas and sweet crepes. The cafe was a little busy. I briefly chatted with the owner as I waited for my crepe to be created. I thought it was really neat how the owner is Turkish who opens a French creperie that also sells varieties of bubble tea. Pretty much, he has this whole fast food/street food theme going on. Awesome!
Superbly looky and tremendously tasty!! This place is a must visit. It’s a perfect little place for a snack while you’re vigorously shopping.

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