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In-N-Out is a fast food burger joint found in Western United States. Few weeks ago, I was visiting San Francisco. On my way from the airport to the hotel, I came across one of many In-N-Out restaurants. I had to go in!

When I walked inside, the layout looked just like any other fast food joint. There were 15+ servers working behind the counters and the kitchen. Two worked the registers while the others cooked and prepared food. Everyone looked so happy and friendly. The menu was simple. Double-Double, Cheeseburger, Hamburger, Fries, Shakes, and Drinks. Service was organized and quick. Peeking over the counter, I can see them preparing the burgers and frying the fries. (It was only later on when I got back to the East Coast, that I found out about the “secret menu“. )

Below are the Double-Double and the Hamburger, along with two servings of French fries.

I was very impressed. It’s great to find an inexpensive burger joint that actually serves fresh burgers and fries. They cut and cook the potatoes right at the store, no extra ingredients added. The burgers are simple but tastes great. The lettuce in the burger were crispy and the tomatoes juicy. The burger meat was made from 100% pure beef with no additives, preservatives or such. (Unlike the Grade D meat often served at fast food chain restaurants.) The burger was tasty and not too greasy.

I can never look at a fast food burger the same again.

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